How do your customers find you?

Today's evolving media landscape has unique opportunities for savvy advertisers. Turn the creatives at SpinSpace loose on your latest marketing project. We'll pair a precisely-tuned message with graphics to bring consistent, engaged traffic to your storefront. 

The skills of our lead creative, Anne Bacinski, were forged in 15 years as an art director in ad agencies, ten more in teams that regularly bag multi-million dollar contracts, and four as leader of SpinSpace. Below is a small sample of our work.

Client: Alaska Executive Search

Challenge: Modernize copywriting and imagery for a long-time Alaska company. AES connects employers with qualified candidates. The logo was provided.

Solution: This ad targets potential employers and contrasts AES' extensive research with that of national businesses that simply aggregate and disseminate data. The artwork was kept spare and open to reflect the warmth of a company based on strong relationships. The sled dogs give the ad a uniquely Alaskan flair, to emphasize that the company is committed to building relationships here in Alaska.

Client: Alaska Executive Search and Bradison Management Group

Challenge: Copywriting, Art Direction. Present two businesses as a single source for employment solutions. Neither should dominate, and both must be presented as uniquely Alaskan. Logos are provided.

Solution: Instead of two stacked horizontal ads, as the client envisioned, we crafted one larger ad for a more dominant presence on the page, and more efficient use of space. Most Alaskans will identify the swivel as a common and overlooked mechanical advantage for both fresh- and salt-water fishers that fits nicely as an allegory for the solutions AES and BMG offer their clients.

Challenge: Art Direction. Provide small click-through digital ad to reach potential employers.

Solution: A lot of content was required in this small ad. We minimized complexity with a background image that provides interest without complicating or distracting from other content. The model represents any potential employee, so non-specific models are an ideal stand-in to carry the message that AES helps employers build professional, diligent teams specific to the needs of their industry.


Challenge: Art Direction, Photoshop. Provide image ad for trade shows.

Solution: A nearly life-size pull-down display with model in casual professional clothing that reflects target workforce for AES. Image is light and modern. Text on sign and shadow at bottom are original to this ad.

Client: Ivan Moore Research

Challenge: Art Direction, Photoshop. Provide edgy layout to complement (provided) provocative text.

Solution: Modernize logo. Use subtle color to focus attention onto striking imagery in a flexible format that emphasizes concept and allows for consistency across branding.

Client: Totem Ocean Express

Challenge: Art Direction, Photoshop. Build image advertising that underscores a conservative corporate culture based on safety and efficiency.

Solution: Use colors (like the slate color of glacial silt) that resonate with Alaskans. Express an open, modern feel, use images taken from unusual angles to further differentiate the client from their competition.