Brand Perception

Brand perception is at the beating heart of our work. More than just setting you apart, your identity shapes how customers feel about you and your business. Anne's work has graced the boardroom doors and websites of dozens of companies in Alaska and beyond. Her logos deliver reliable, legible messaging, always served up with with a twist on what's expected. 

Sheraton Hotel/Ptarmigan bar & grill

Ptarmigan Bar and Grill offers elegant dining atop Anchorage's Sheraton Hotel. Anne paired a combination of modern and classic fontography to charm the well-heeled diners, rounding it out with a modern representation of Alaska's state bird to underscore the brand.


Copycat 3D is a website designed to introduce 3D printing to a young, non-technical audience. The CopyCat logo expresses a defining characteristic of 3D printers–they build things by building materials layer-by-layer. The logo below was chosen for its unique font, integrated image, and friendly "techy" feel.

2014 Alaska Federation of Natives Logo (proposed)

Developed to show the coming together of unique cultures around a single table. Font at top is straight-to-the point and modern, combined with the font below that hints of historical roots.

Chugach Logo Reshape

The image on the left, the original logo from another artist, has represented Chugach Alaska and Shareholders for decades. The image is near and dear to the people it represents, and leaders were hesitant of any change. I reshaped the logo without changing proportions, to keep the mark they have, while giving it a more solid feel.


The school focused on teaching technology and technology-related subjects to young people. Anne gave Highland Technical High School's logo an extended font with wide tracking to capture an airy, futuristic feel. The shape of the "H" suggests metal paths on a silicon chip. A slight drop shadow unites all elements.


High-energy T-shirt design for supporters of Inlet View Elementary.