Deep Forest Logo Development


deep forest logo option one: Branches

The first image that comes to mind when considering images for "deep forest" was a tree or trees that are pointy at the top, and wide at the bottom. In fact, the Internet is packed with them. So we went a different direction, a closeup of pine branches, reversed out of a dark green background. It's intimate, but the branches, reversed out of the background, are not contained by the background either, suggesting a much larger image. Because the team represented by this logo are experts in digital security, it was important to chose a font with a "techy," modern feel. The client liked the font, but wanted to go a different direction for the image.



The trunks of trees are a strong, stable part of the forest. Scaling and shading of the trunks give the feeling of depth, emphasizing a "deep" forest, while keeping the imagery simple. The image also denotes a large modern city, fitting the company, which has a nationwide presence.

deep forest logo option three: Tree trunks, viewing down from canopy

The vast majority of "tree" and "forest" logos put the viewer near the floor, looking up to the top of the trees. Because this company protects spaces, whether physical or digital, we instead suggested an unusual viewpoint, the canopy. This suggests looking down at the forest, as if to survey its health, such as what a watcher, or protector would do. 

Deep Forest Italic Logo


Deep Forest Cones Logo


Deep Forest Fruit Tree Logo


Deep Forest Casual Leaf Logo