Do you have some text you want to bring to life? has got you covered. Take a look at the ads below. (Text was provided, images were not.)

Client: Ivan Moore Research

Ads: "Toilet" and "Arrow"

Challenge: Art Direction, Photoshop. Provide edgy layout to complement (provided) provocative text.

Solution: Modernize logo. Use subtle color to focus attention onto striking imagery in a flexible format that emphasizes concept and allows for consistency across branding.

Client: Totem Ocean Express

Ad: "Overhead"

Challenge: Art Direction, Photoshop.

Build brand for Tote that underscores a conservative corporate culture based on safety and efficiency. Text and logo was provided.

Solution: Use colors (like the slate color of glacial silt) that resonate with Alaskans. Express an open, modern feel, use images taken from unusual angles to further differentiate the client from their competition.