About Spin.Space

Spin.Space is a team of independent marketing and branding professionals led by long-time Alaskan Anne Bacinski.


About Anne Bacinski

Anne latched onto graphic design as a kid, and never wavered from pursuing it as a career. After graduating with honors from CSU Long Beach, she headed to Alaska for a short adventure, but soon after landing, she put down roots, making the state her lifelong home.

In 1995, Anne moved into a dry cabin on the Kenai Peninsula. It was there she pushed the limits of comfort and adventure, chopping wood for heat and carrying water from town. Even in rural Homer, she continued building skills as a graphic designer, first at the local newspaper, and a later transition to freelance work. In 2001, she traded the cabin for suburban Anchorage, the home base for Spin.Space. 

Anne’s skills were sharpened by her 15 years in ad agencies, plus ten more in teams that regularly bagged multi-million dollar contracts. She’s worked elbow-to-elbow with the state’s most talented advertising professionals, including teams in agencies, print shops, government and Native corporations. 

She has served on the board of directors for the Alaska Chapter of AIGA (formerly American Institute of Graphic Arts, now The Professional Association for Design) since 2014, currently serving the Alaska chapter as Content Chair.

Anne currently balances her thriving freelance business with a passion for Alaska’s wilder side. When time allows, she trades pixels for paddles. Her “happy place” is jigging for halibut from a kayak somewhere off the Kenai Peninsula. 

Anne has learned to embrace winter in Alaska, learning to ice skate a few years ago. Now she rocks Nordic skates, extra long blades that let her fly. In winter, she can be found shaking off deadlines doing laps at Anchorage’s Cuddy Park, one of five long-track speed skating rinks in the nation. Her skating is still a bit shaky but the speed always puts a smile on her face. She’s looking forward to expanding this winter’s nordic skating season onto Alaska’s frozen rivers.